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Maine Media Workshops wanted to create an eye-opener that gave Workshop participants a sense of place of where they came to further their profession and a chance for them to remember the reasons why they came. The presentation opened the weekly screening that celebrated the student’s work.

Client: Maine Media Workshops
Role: Videographer, Producer
Year: June, 2009


Every fall the Mountain Workshops draw a team of dedicated teachers and determined learners to a small Kentucky town, where together they explore the richness of community, the beauty of landscape, and the possibilities and challenges of visual storytelling.

The Photojournalism Workshop focuses on still photography, as coaches and participants explore individual character, the give and take of relationships, the deeply-felt sense of belonging to a place, and the pride of participating in a shared heritage.

The Picture Editing Workshop draws on the design sensibilities and electronic publishing expertise of its coaches to help participants learn to weave photograph s and text together into memorable narratives.

The Multimedia Workshop challenges participants to gather still images, record sound, and shoot video, then use cutting-edge digital and online tools to spin all these threads into stories that captivate.

In 1976, Two Western Kentucky University faculty members took a dozen photojournalism students into eastern Kentucky and Tennessee in 1976 to document the 11 remaining one-room schools there.

The teachers didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the beginning of an annual trek designed to sharpen students’ skills while documenting small towns in Kentucky. Over time the effort morphed into the Mountain Workshops — three concurrent workshops that fine-tune photography, picture-editing and multimedia skills of college students and mid-career professionals in an intensive weeklong effort that documents a town and its surrounding countryside.

WKU faculty members are joined by volunteer shooting, editing and writing coaches who travel here from across the country — from The New York Times, from the Los Angeles Times, from National Geographic and a host of other venues — to guide trainees and produce content for a photo exhibit, several multimedia productions, an extended documentary DVD and a 116-page book.

From their humble beginnings of travel with cameras, black-and-white film, and sleeping bags, workshop staff now spend months planning and setting up sophisticated facilities with state-of-the-art computing and digital imaging equipment.

Client: The Mountain Workshops
Role: Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Producer
Year: October, 2008


When it comes to the successful continuation of any orkshop, it is the sponsors that keep everything going. I was tasked with the responsibility of making sure our sponsor know how happy we are that they decide every year to provide us with equipment, training, money and personal to kepp the Mountain workshops running.

Client: The Mountain Workshops
Role: Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Producer
Year: October, 2008


Maine Media Workshops needed to present to the financial community the importance behind the continuing efforts behind this innovative and historic artistic workshops. This presentation was made tracking the 30-year history of this famous East Coast institution.

Client: Maine Media Workshops
Role: Videographer, Photographer, Producer, Director
Year: August, 2008