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Unfinished Journey

Opening weekend. Thousands of campers and their parents arriving. Getting settled in but what is it all for? Here is my first offering for the summer. Also my first video production using Adobe Premiere CC2014. I shot, edited, learned the basics of the program and published in 48 hours. Even had time for some meals, a shower and a quick trip down the road to run an errand.

Interlochen’s tranquil campus suddenly becomes alive with more than 2,500 young artists during Opening Weekend 2014. For the students, arriving at Interlochen Arts Camp is not the end of their artistic journey; it is only the beginning. Take a look at what some students experience upon checking in at Interlochen.

Many thanks to second camera of Greg Johnson, Katie Meek and Shelby Mack. They provided some fantastic material to complete this production.

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