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The Power of Art

When I discovered that Interlochen Arts Camp was starting a class called Citizen Artistry I was very intrigued by the possibilities of what this class meant. I was first in line with my hand raised high wanting to do a video project on this unique camp offering. As a producer, the goal of any project is to create an emotion that even the uninterested will feel – and this idea of an arts institution taking students to different places in the community and teaching that the real power of what a creative person does is to make a difference in other lives made for the perfect storm of content. My failure was not having a strong enough plan heading into my content gathering portion of the project. I preach planning to my students, and then I did not. But coming across Ani and her personal story while my shoot was in progress allowed me to take a turn and redirect the project to some extent. My personal thanks to everyone involved in this project – you all touched my heart in some way and I thank you for opening up to me and allowing this story of this powerful class concept to be told. And my thanks to Interlochen for realizing there is so much more beyond art creation – that what we do really can make a difference.

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