JULY 6, 2018
Seeing Red and Staying Country
As a professor, you come into contact with hundreds of students over the years that at some point or another, give you a surprise call to offer you an opportunity. The next thing I knew I was back stage at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich. working side-by-side with a former student who is the official photographer for Dustin Lynch. For those in the Lynch army, yes, this former student is better known as Swiss.
Dustin Lynch in Concert
Country music may not exactly my cup of tea, or should I say, not my can of PBR, but anything that is visual, loud and fun is always fun to take pictures at.
Thanks to former student and all-around great guy and friend, Daniel Vorlet, and the chance that the Dustin Lynch tour was passing through Traverse City's Cherry Festival, I got the opportunity to spend an evening back-stage, side-stage and front-stage covering the concert.

It was wonderful to put away the video stuff and shoot stills for a night. Great to get back to the roots of it all. I might be old but I can still run with the youngin's – might need a week rest in between gigs unlike Daniel, who found himself in Iowa to do it all over again before I even woke up the next morning.

A big shout out to the band, stage crew, road manager and of course Daniel – you all were so accommodating. Thanks for the beer and the Nashville hospitality while lounging between the tour busses and for making me feel like someone important for a few hours.
Daniel Vorlet in action on the stage with Dustin Lynch. You know, we worked as a pretty good team - I don't think he got in my way once. Not sure about me getting in his way?
Bring Your Professor to Work Day
An embarrassed "son" stands beside his teacher while standing between Dustin Lynch's tour busses during the "Bring Your Professor to Work Day" at the Traverse City Cherry Music Festival.
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