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Ok, why not? Lets just Go.

Every summer Interlochen Presents brings in well-known performers, some of them come, perform and leave, while others engage with the student campers. OKGo first met 30 years ago at Interlochen and they wanted to travel down memory lane. But access is not always an easy thing, even for a situation like this but as the day progressed walls came down, and we found ourselves with some great visual lines of access for the concert as well as audio feeds. The result was an emotional homecoming for the band. And yes, that is my youngest on the stage performing a dance with them. I had nothing to do with that, honest. She made it happen thru a series of emails.

Special thanks to second camera b operators Theo Syslo and Julie Bacon, they are A operators in my book! It took us about three weeks to get the confetti out of our equipment.

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