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Let The Games Begin!

Year nine for me here at Interlochen Centre for the Arts working as a videographer in the marketing office. I find this role challenging and rewarding. The challenge is in finding something new in a place that thrives on tradition and everything happening the same way it has for the past 92 years. The reward is in meeting and getting the opportunity to spend time with some truly talented young adults and in many cases, mere kids.  I get to try new equipment and play with some new ideas. This year, I got to create the opening “welcome to campus” piece, or as it is called here – and has been called for 92 years – “first gathering.” I strived to create a piece that never had to show an interview video clip – I almost succeeded but I could not resist the smile I got from Eduardo at 2:36. Shot some footage at 60fps, used a Ronin and a Ikan and captured in two days, along with my colleagues Julie Bacon and Greg Johnson, almost 500 GB of content then spent the next two days editing, exporting, proofing, approval, re-approval, title approval and finally – the approval of the approved to go ahead and post it.

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