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Installation Installed!

For the past five-years of my life I have been working on a freelance job as Creative Director for the Celebrate Kentucky Installation as part of the Uniquely Kentucky art project at the new Albert Chandler Hospital on the campus of the University of Kentucky in downtown Lexington. The project, which consists of a wall of video monitors and backlit frames more than 90 feet long and nine feet tall, has been installed for 15 months now. The images, which represent more than 50 visual artists work from across the Commonwealth and beyond, are seasonal and change every three months before the year rotations starts all over. We have made it thru one complete rotation and are several months in to the second rotation of this set of images. If you find yourself in Lexington, be sure to stop in and visit the hospital. The atrium is nothing short of a museum with all of its art and music on display. The organization that paid for all of this, the UK Arts in Heath Care, wanted to provide patients of this hospital a way to get to understand the various art installations in the building and hired a firm to produce mini-docs about the project. These stories are available on the in-house TV circuit in every room in the hospital. The first video below is an overview of the project and the second one is specifically on Celebrate Kentucky.

What did I learn on this project – holy cow, what did I NOT learn. Installations are tricky animals but I had more fun working on this than almost any other project I have found myself in. I have to give two huge shout-outs to those who made this possible. I was merely the captain of the ship – everyone else really worked their butts off. First I want to recognize my colleague and partner in this project, Jonathan Noffke of Solid Light, Inc. He, and his company made this thing work. Secondly, the photographers of this state. Without you and knowing your talents I would never had taken on this project.

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