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I’ll Take the Visual Challenge!

One of my responsibilities at Interochen this past summer was to create a video on the art form of creative writing. If I were to follow my “trained” documentary nature I would have conducted some interviews and shot some b-roll of students in the throws of writing. They type on their computers, they write in their notebooks, they sit and think about what they may write. I don’t know what you think the b in b-roll stands for but to me, this b stood for “VISUALLY BORING”! A colleague of mine once told me that when you are stuck on visual opportunity, take a look at the subject and break it down to its most iconic root. Then explore that icon and you usually will find there is the opportunity for visual creation. So, this is where the idea of, “what is a word” came from. At first I was not sure how this would work – but when I googled the word “word” I saw all the possible definitions and that started my creative juices flowing. Below is the fruit of my labors – not this American Life but still a pretty good attempt at making visual soup out of a bunch of non-visual pieces. Enjoy.


What Is A Word? from Tim Broekema on Vimeo.

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