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Sometimes while conducting interviews someone says something that can just catch me off-guard. The statement I heard Jung-Ho Pak make three years ago did just that. He said that art is important – and that artists are fighting against time and technology; before the world turns off its heart it is imperative that institutions like […]

When I discovered that Interlochen Arts Camp was starting a class called Citizen Artistry I was very intrigued by the possibilities of what this class meant. I was first in line with my hand raised high wanting to do a video project on this unique camp offering. As a producer, the goal of any project […]

Broekema Photography is excited to announce a new CALL FOR IMAGES to populate the Celebrate Kentucky multimedia installation at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital. Hey photographers! Do you want to see your still photos and video displayed in an exciting installation that truly makes a difference for those who view it? Consider submitting your […]

Once again I find myself at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. The real trick to anything we do is to find a new way to do it after repeating the process year after year. Not so sure I am mastering that part – I’m not, after all, Madonna. But here we go, season number 7! The […]

Interlochen Arts Camp was looking for some eye candy to dress up the entry page of their summer arts camp web page. A one-minute and 44 second splash of video and the best the camp has to offer was my answer. The intention is to pull potential clients deeper into their web site.

My latest assignment for Interlochen Arts Camp was to develop seven 30-second youtube commercial spots for each of the seven divisions of education offered at the summer camp program. The short videos are designed to run as youtube pre-roll advertising moments as well as sit on the front page of each camp division to serve […]

Sometimes you just have to let go of your work, take a step back – then re-engage and a piece like this will finally get completed. Interlochen hired me to build a 3-minute promotion video to recruit counselors for their summer camps. They need hundreds of them every year – and it seems it worked […]

I have always wanted to do a story about a person entering adulthood. Here at Interlochen I had the fortune to cross paths with Harry Thornton. Harry has spent the last three years of his high school years attending the summer Repertory Theatre program here at Interlochen. He grew up here, and developed his passion […]

Interlochen asked for me to put together a promotion video that tugged on the heart strings of campers and alums alike. With an environment so rich in visual and audio entertainment I happily accepted the task. I captured moments on a Canon 5D mark II, a Canon 7D, a Canon mark IV and hero3 cameras […]

I had some tough assignments to work on this past year at Interlochen. The challenge has been trying to make visual story out of a non-visual event. This particular assignment challenged me to tell a story about a very subtle class on healthy benefits for musicians. Interlochen Summer Arts Camp provides a wellness program that […]

About 8 weeks ago a former student of mine contacted me and asked if I was interested in picking up a freelance job for a production firm that is shooting content for CBS Sports. I was able to pick up two games this season – and now, Showtime is about ready to release “A Game […]