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How does that phrase go? Good things come to those who wait? As I woke pre-dawn on my last day in Michigan I looked out the cabin door to see the perfect sunrise – the one I have been trying to get all summer long! Sometimes I just have rotten luck. With all the gear […]

At the end of the day there is you – and the character you decided to build your story around. My job was to tell a story about what it is like to be a member of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra – or as Interlochens call it, “WYSO”. I noticed Angelique on my first […]

I have learned that a video production about an event or a production about a person is a simple formula. Introduce the character, present a conflict and show a resolve. But making a marketing video about a performance and the rehearsal time that lead up to it is a different story. The journalist part of […]

One of the great things about getting above the Mason-Dixon line – and I mean significantly above – is that you can see stars again, especially during the summer months. Enjoy as the Milky Way passes overhead right outside my cabin. I am not sure where this may go in any production this summer but […]

At one time, long-long ago, we thought we were going to get to shoot video with a camera, just like an old film camera – ya know, like a FM2. We could be mobile! Nimble enough to fit in the tiniest of spaces. Unobtrusive enough to not even disturb the “fly on the wall” – […]

When I first edited this piece it was close to nine minutes long – that is too long in today’s time crunched viewership – or at least that is what I am told. So with a little bit of work and a lot of cutting I ended up with a two-part series on the Motion […]

If you remember last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with world-renowned flautist Paula Robison. Well, this year is no different. In the first few days I found myself shooting one of her performances and sitting down for an interview. Our lunch together afterwards was the highlight of my week. IPR […]

My summer work at Interlochen for 2012 is underway. I have already been here for 13 days and have meet amazing people, conducted over 14 interviews, shot over 200 gigs of content and saw Steve Martin on stage last night. As this summer progresses I will try to share experiences of what I learned – […]

At the end of the 2011 summer camp at Interlochen I took home with me gigs of footage of the six-week Motion Picture Arts Camp. It took a while but hey, I’m a busy guy. A short edit is finally complete. My thanks to the students and to Michael Middelstaedt for allowing all of the […]

Sometimes I find it difficult to express how a place truly feels. Not how it looks or what happens in that space, but what does it “feel” like. I used that as my goal for this next assignment – I wanted to get across to the viewer what it feels like to be at Interlochen […]

When it comes to the visual arts you would think it is an easy story to tell. There is art and it is visual and my camera records visual things – a no brainer, right? Well, wrong. Finding the storyline when trying to tell a narrative about young adults in the visual arts world proved […]

So, it is very apparent to me that as I progress in age, time is being spent trying to figure out how I can get different and unique pictures of annual events that my kids are at. I recently read a blog by Joe McNally that told about how fortunate he is in getting older, […]

That’s me working to get the shot of the concert master before taking the stage at Kresge Auditorium. Photo by Sam Oldenburg. Every Fourth of July weekend is kicked off in Northern Michigan by the World Youth Symphony Orchestra performing their first concert of the 6-week season. I wanted to capture the spirit and energy […]