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How about eight?

Welcome to Interlochen Arts Summer Camp – my 8th season. The routine is getting, well, routine. But each year the content gets stronger. Afterall, isnt that how we improve? Repetition.

Soviet Sounding

I was asked to produce a piece for Interlochen that explained the Vlade Concert Master Series. A Concert Master from an acclaimed national orchestra would spend 5 days with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and mentor them, one would come each week. Martin Chalifour, Christopher Rountree, Dennis Kim, JoAnn Faletta and the kids of WYSO were so generous with their time. They gave me what I needed and hopefully in return I gave them what they needed. If you watch the piece, you will get a chuckle out of “Soviet Sounding,” I promise.

Live to screen

The summer of 2016 was a fundraising campaign for Interlochen. What better way to create emotional call to action than showing lots of fond memories. A significant amount of my content was used in the school’s fund raising campaign, Create Amazing but at a special concert held in July, we projected video content on two large screens that winged the stage for an emotional ending to the performance. The campaign ultimately raised $100 million dollars, not too shabby. I would say well gathered and emotional video is a powerful tool.

Seems that dance and I find each other

So what is it like to dance at Interlochen Arts Camp. Funny you should ask because I have a video just for you then! Not sure what I learned in producing this project, but made use of my drone for a first time and then I found out it is pretty hard to interview your own daughter.

Is the 7th time really a charm?

Once again I find myself at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. The real trick to anything we do is to find a new way to do it after repeating the process year after year. Not so sure I am mastering that part – I’m not, after all, Madonna. But here we go, season number 7!

The warm sun, the cool breezes and the magnificent Michigan sky helped to welcome nearly 1,400 students to the 89th Interlochen Summer Arts Camp this past weekend. Excited campers from around the world and all 50 states checked in, ready to form fast friendships and create lifelong memories.

Where My Professional Heart Lies

Western Kentucky University’s Mountain Workshops, a one-week visual workshop held each year in October, since 1976, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. I have been a part of these workshops for 31 consecutive years and it only seemed natural that I would spend several months digging thru old caches of negatives and prints, CD ROMS, zip drives, mini-disc tapes, HDV video and umpteen terrabytes of “stuff” to tell the story of how the workshop became the Mountain. There are so many people responsible for the content provided in this piece – and I know all of them have the same passion for this profession and what this workshop means to hundred of people who have gone on to amazing careers.

Nashville Ballet 15/16 Season Promotion

The Nashville Ballet asked me to cut an exciting promotional video showcasing the wide variety of performances featured in their 2015/16 season. The trailer is featured on their website and youtube channel.

Eye Candy

Interlochen Arts Camp was looking for some eye candy to dress up the entry page of their summer arts camp web page. A one-minute and 44 second splash of video and the best the camp has to offer was my answer. The intention is to pull potential clients deeper into their web site.

Telling a story 30 seconds at a time

My latest assignment for Interlochen Arts Camp was to develop seven 30-second youtube commercial spots for each of the seven divisions of education offered at the summer camp program. The short videos are designed to run as youtube pre-roll advertising moments as well as sit on the front page of each camp division to serve as eye candy to entice potential clients to dig deeper into the web site. Acting as DP, camera operator and producer was challenging but also, working within teams of other talented people from the voice over to the scripting continues to prove to be an awarding way to produce work.








When the stars mingle with the bright stuff of dreams

Getting this story out for my favorite client ever was, shall I say, a bit of an arm twister. To tell a story in video you need access to all aspects of that story. Without the access, it becomes very hard to truly get the piece together the way you dreamed it to be. My dream was interrupted several times but in the end, I got enough sleep that I was finally able to push this piece out the published door. Hope you got the Rush reference. If not, go relive the 80’s, eh!