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When the stars mingle with the bright stuff of dreams

Getting this story out for my favorite client ever was, shall I say, a bit of an arm twister. To tell a story in video you need access to all aspects of that story. Without the access, it becomes very hard to truly get the piece together the way you dreamed it to be. My dream was interrupted several times but in the end, I got enough sleep that I was finally able to push this piece out the published door. Hope you got the Rush reference. If not, go relive the 80’s, eh!

Thanks Kat

I’m not a fan of cats, but this one with a “K” I adore. I was impressed by her ability to act and portray emotion, my weak attempt at telling her story comes no where close to her true ability as a young actress. Powerful things can come in very small packages.

Learning Patience

Sometimes you just have to let go of your work, take a step back – then re-engage and a piece like this will finally get completed. Interlochen hired me to build a 3-minute promotion video to recruit counselors for their summer camps. They need hundreds of them every year – and it seems it worked – I see every cabin has a counselor in it! Wait for the time lapse at 2:40, the lights turning off in the cabin gave the lapse just that extra Broekema touch. Now you have to watch the whole thing to see what I am talking about.

Right of Passage

I have always wanted to do a story about a person entering adulthood. Here at Interlochen I had the fortune to cross paths with Harry Thornton. Harry has spent the last three years of his high school years attending the summer Repertory Theatre program here at Interlochen. He grew up here, and developed his passion for theatre. Thanks to Harry and his ever-understanding way of letting me “just shoot”. It was fun watching the story develop, just as I saw Harry turn into King Henry V.

50 Weeks, 32 Songwriters and 1 Chris

Last year I was introduced to Chris Burrus, a wonderful young man from Nashville who happened to be attending Interlochen Arts Camp during the summer of 2013. I have been wanting to tell a story about Interlochen from the aspect of before and after camp, what happens to the camper once they leave? Thanks to Chris, his family and an ever-so-patient marketing director at Interlochen I have finally been able to get this piece edited.

After a lifetime surrounded by the music of Nashville, an aspiring musician makes the journey to Interlochen to learn, create, perform and network with his musical peers as part of the singer-songwriter program at Interlochen Arts Camp. He returns to the Music City with a new-found confidence in his ability to create and perform.

Unfinished Journey

Opening weekend. Thousands of campers and their parents arriving. Getting settled in but what is it all for? Here is my first offering for the summer. Also my first video production using Adobe Premiere CC2014. I shot, edited, learned the basics of the program and published in 48 hours. Even had time for some meals, a shower and a quick trip down the road to run an errand.

Interlochen’s tranquil campus suddenly becomes alive with more than 2,500 young artists during Opening Weekend 2014. For the students, arriving at Interlochen Arts Camp is not the end of their artistic journey; it is only the beginning. Take a look at what some students experience upon checking in at Interlochen.

Many thanks to second camera of Greg Johnson, Katie Meek and Shelby Mack. They provided some fantastic material to complete this production.

Double Wide Productions is now open for business

Each year, for the past five summers, I have been able to arrange my schedule to spend a few weeks with the fine folks at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Northern Michigan producing video stories for their marketing department. This summer, due to growth in staff and campus reconstruction our office has been moved to a stylin’ trailer on the edge of a parking lot. It feels like days of old editing at the Rose Bowl sans the smell of blix. (Only you true hard-core pj roadies know what blix would be). Our team has nicknamed us “Double Wide Productions” even though we aint’ in a double-wide. But somehow the name is sticking.

Home of Double Wide Productions

I am here working with a very dedicated staff but also a gaggle of awesome interns – shout outs to Justin, Lauren, Brendon, Katie and Shelby – all WKU PJ’ers! As well as our research intern, Cat. She is from Univ. of Miami but we won’t let that keep us from including her in our secret handshake.


Stay tuned as I post some of our efforts. In the mean time, you can watch IAC staffer Greg working hard on – maybe checking out the lunch menu.

photo 3

Home Opener for WKU Football

I shot, edited and transmitted on deadline for the Courier-Journal in tonights football game against Morgan State. I am not sure where Morgan State is from but WKU cleaned house finishing 58-17. This was Bobby Petrino’s first home game since joining WKU’s coaching staff as Head Coach – interesting how he greeted his grandchildren on the field after the game along with one a son and daughter of his. All media had left the field already – except me, it was a special moment for the family after a few years of hard time. I made use of Canon’s new 1DX body — I have a couple more games to shoot before I get the hang of all it has to offer.

And in Summary …

Interlochen asked for me to put together a promotion video that tugged on the heart strings of campers and alums alike. With an environment so rich in visual and audio entertainment I happily accepted the task. I captured moments on a Canon 5D mark II, a Canon 7D, a Canon mark IV and hero3 cameras shooting in 24p and in 60p frame rates. The project was produced in 24p and the 60p footage was conformed to fit a 24p format resulting in that cool “NFL Films” look. Thanks to my student and summer colleague Danny Guy for providing a couple of clips to fill some voids and for the editing support. The time lapse coverage was collected by using a Dynamic Dolly. I hope the fine folks at Interlochen have success presenting this video over the year.

A Unbreakable Bond from Tim Broekema on Vimeo.

I’ll Take the Visual Challenge!

One of my responsibilities at Interochen this past summer was to create a video on the art form of creative writing. If I were to follow my “trained” documentary nature I would have conducted some interviews and shot some b-roll of students in the throws of writing. They type on their computers, they write in their notebooks, they sit and think about what they may write. I don’t know what you think the b in b-roll stands for but to me, this b stood for “VISUALLY BORING”! A colleague of mine once told me that when you are stuck on visual opportunity, take a look at the subject and break it down to its most iconic root. Then explore that icon and you usually will find there is the opportunity for visual creation. So, this is where the idea of, “what is a word” came from. At first I was not sure how this would work – but when I googled the word “word” I saw all the possible definitions and that started my creative juices flowing. Below is the fruit of my labors – not this American Life but still a pretty good attempt at making visual soup out of a bunch of non-visual pieces. Enjoy.


What Is A Word? from Tim Broekema on Vimeo.