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Celebrate Kentucky call for images

The Celebrate Kentucky Wall is a seasonal rotation collection of images that celebrates the joy of life of everyday people and places from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Broekema Photography is excited to announce a new CALL FOR IMAGES to populate the Celebrate Kentucky multimedia installation at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital.

Hey photographers! Do you want to see your still photos and video displayed in an exciting installation that truly makes a difference for those who view it? Consider submitting your work to Broekema Photography, LLC to be considered for possible inclusion in this installation. The project, as part of the Arts in Healthcare program at the University of Kentucky Hospitals, is privately funded and is edited and designed to provide comfort and familiarity for the patients, family and staff while visiting the hospital.

The installation was conceived in 2009 and and opened in May of 2011 in conjunction with the grand opening of Pavilion A, a new surgical, intensive and acute care wing of the UK Hospital complex. A mixture of monitors and translucent boxes make use of stills and video that creates a non-ending illusion of movement and a sense of passing time allowing for visitors of the installation to escape into a space of relaxation and personal thought. By having a seasonal rotation, visitors are connected to the outside world as it is in that moment and, upon repeat visits, there always seems to be a new world awaiting for them to explore.


One of the three sections of the Celebrate Kentucky Wall in the atrium of Pavilion A can be seen here. 


• Still images should be available as RAW files, however large jpegs will be considered depending on ISO and technical quality of the image.

• Video actualities must be on a tripod and stable for the most part. Four K files are encouraged but we will be able to consider 2K. Four K files can be technically used across 2, 3 or 4 monitors per wall with crops of 3,840×1080, 5,760×1080 and/or 7,680×1080 so 4K has a better chance of being used in various ways over 2K sized videos.

• It is suggested to provide video clips that hold a shot for at least one minute or longer, especially scenics. Certain actualities, of course, are much shorter in duration by the sheer nature of the content but by having longer clips we can let some edits breathe across the display.


• We are looking for visuals, both video and stills, of people engaged in everyday life during all seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. This is a collection of more than 400 actualities that, when combined, paint a picture of the people, places and character that makes up Commonwealth.

• We need rural images as much as we need urban images. We need all nationalities and ethnicities. We need all social classes. We can even potentially make use of animals. The visuals can be endless.

• We intend to provide as fair an edit from eastern to western Kentucky and points from north to south. So if you have visuals from Paducah, that is just as good as visuals from Lexington.

• The visuals MUST have been taken in Kentucky or have Kentucky in the background. (For example, the Louisville skyline from the Indiana side of the river.) The people in the image may not necessarily be from Kentucky. But the environment in the photo is very important to the historic collective of images. This is Kentucky.

• Controlled portraits are not a product we are necessarily considering but candid images of people engaged in eye-to-camera is a very powerful image we will consider. Video portraits should be considered as well, just make sure there is no mouth movement. Smiles, yes; mouth as if talking, no.

• Scenic vistas are necessary. In fact, if shooting scenics think of an extremely horizontal crop and also consider detail visuals of small elements that make-up the scene. A collection of images can be used all 100 feet of the installation to paint an all encompassing feel of the situation we are presenting.

• Please do not send us visuals that contain any representation of the bourbon or tobacco industry, although the fields around here can be very scenic, the hospital is not interested in presenting these in their space. Any person engaged in smoking tobacco products also will not be considered.


This Auto-cad mockup is not a fair representation of the wall. We will be making use of translucent boxes on the top and bottom so the entire wall is not monitor based. However, this mockup gives you a sense of the type of visuals we are looking for and how an edit may go together. There is no music or sound at the installation location. Our thanks to some of the archive footage from the 2014 and 2015 Mountain Workshops participants whose footage we have used here to demo the installation. Hopefully some of this content will be making the final edit and we will be contacting you soon.


• The deadline is rolling but we would like all fall and winter stock for consideration by April 1, 2018; and summer and spring content by July, 2018.

• Please email tim.broekema@wku.edu a link for any delivery device you may use. (Dropbox / Google Drive / Photoshelter / Yousendit / etc.)

• Although names are not required, it helps if I have file info in all still images in the caption field, including YOUR name to help determine where the image is from.

• Please be sure to identify stills that are available in RAW format and if the video is available as 2K or 4K.


The enormity of the project installation can be seen by this photograph taken from across the atrium’s open space as you enter the hospital from the parking structure.


• Yes. Any recognizable face will need a release signed and on file with Broekema Photography before we can initiate payment. You can access our standard release agreement here.

• Standard practice is for you to transmit to us jpeg quality of stills and compressed files of video for quick review. As the edit is worked on, we will get back in touch with you requesting for full resolution work. Once that is received we will contact you again for a model release. Once we get to the release request stage, it is very likely that your image will make the final cut. Many photographers have told us that they tend to get names and contacts and then, if selected, reach back out to the characters in the photographs to sign the release.


• Since 2010, UK Health in Arts and its group of private funders has provided almost $250,000 that has gone into the pockets to state-wide photographers for this project. This is an impressive number and something we here at Broekema Photography are very proud to say we have been a part of.

• For this installation, we are budgeted to deliver a standard $400 per actuality but some more complex scenes or situations may garner a higher pay.




University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital call for images

Broekema Photography is excited to announce a call for entries for consideration of images that will be used to grace the two main entrances of the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital. We are looking for images that have been taken in Kentucky of children from newborn to 18-years-old at play and enjoying life. They can be blowing out birthday candles, outside playing in any season or just a wonderful portrait. It is better if the original image is available as a RAW digital negative but large jpegs will be considered. To submit, send a low resolution image via email to tim.broekema[at]wku.edu by January 15, 2018 or send him a link to any image transfer system you may use. We will be making our final edit on a rolling basis so be sure to submit early but January 15 is the absolute last day for consideration. If any image is selected, we will contact you via email or phone to discuss best resolution options and final color corrections. People in the image will need to sign a simple model release. We are paying $400 per image used. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What a show

In 6-weeks the high school theatre division at Interlochen handles audition, staging, production, building the sets and 5 performances. It is intense and frankly, I am not sure how it actually happens. But I was humbled to be able to “embed” with this group for the entire 6-week summer class and produce this narrative. I am proud of these kids.

Sometimes you just make it happen

My assignment was to show the education and camp experience for high school kids at Interlochen, and do it in one week. As my students always say, “If I only had more time …” but I did not. The running footage courtesy of one beat-up old golf cart, Theo getting up at 5 am to drive me in that cart, an ikan gimble and my 50-year-old body letting me do things I could do when I was 25. Not sure how that has happened, guess just lucky as I get older.

Ok, why not? Lets just Go.

Every summer Interlochen Presents brings in well-known performers, some of them come, perform and leave, while others engage with the student campers. OKGo first met 30 years ago at Interlochen and they wanted to travel down memory lane. But access is not always an easy thing, even for a situation like this but as the day progressed walls came down, and we found ourselves with some great visual lines of access for the concert as well as audio feeds. The result was an emotional homecoming for the band. And yes, that is my youngest on the stage performing a dance with them. I had nothing to do with that, honest. She made it happen thru a series of emails.

Special thanks to second camera b operators Theo Syslo and Julie Bacon, they are A operators in my book! It took us about three weeks to get the confetti out of our equipment.

How about eight?

Welcome to Interlochen Arts Summer Camp – my 8th season. The routine is getting, well, routine. But each year the content gets stronger. Afterall, isnt that how we improve? Repetition.

Soviet Sounding

I was asked to produce a piece for Interlochen that explained the Vlade Concert Master Series. A Concert Master from an acclaimed national orchestra would spend 5 days with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and mentor them, one would come each week. Martin Chalifour, Christopher Rountree, Dennis Kim, JoAnn Faletta and the kids of WYSO were so generous with their time. They gave me what I needed and hopefully in return I gave them what they needed. If you watch the piece, you will get a chuckle out of “Soviet Sounding,” I promise.

Live to screen

The summer of 2016 was a fundraising campaign for Interlochen. What better way to create emotional call to action than showing lots of fond memories. A significant amount of my content was used in the school’s fund raising campaign, Create Amazing but at a special concert held in July, we projected video content on two large screens that winged the stage for an emotional ending to the performance. The campaign ultimately raised $100 million dollars, not too shabby. I would say well gathered and emotional video is a powerful tool.

Seems that dance and I find each other

So what is it like to dance at Interlochen Arts Camp. Funny you should ask because I have a video just for you then! Not sure what I learned in producing this project, but made use of my drone for a first time and then I found out it is pretty hard to interview your own daughter.

Is the 7th time really a charm?

Once again I find myself at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. The real trick to anything we do is to find a new way to do it after repeating the process year after year. Not so sure I am mastering that part – I’m not, after all, Madonna. But here we go, season number 7!

The warm sun, the cool breezes and the magnificent Michigan sky helped to welcome nearly 1,400 students to the 89th Interlochen Summer Arts Camp this past weekend. Excited campers from around the world and all 50 states checked in, ready to form fast friendships and create lifelong memories.