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Before the World Turns Off Its Heart

Sometimes while conducting interviews someone says something that can just catch me off-guard. The statement I heard Jung-Ho Pak make three years ago did just that. He said that art is important – and that artists are fighting against time and technology; before the world turns off its heart it is imperative that institutions like Interlochen realize that what they are doing is fighting for humanity. That phrase stuck with me, I asked several more people of note that I interviewed for various projects since 2015 to respond to the question, why is art important. In the end, I had over 4 hours of statements from almost 15 different conductors, composers, dancers, art directors, creative directors as well as others. I distilled it down to 4 minutes and created this video clip for Interlochen this summer. It is a call to action for the world to stop and think. If art is completely stripped away from the youth educational process, what kind of world will we end up with?

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