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A Collection of Art

As in the previous years, during the middle of camp, all 18 departments stage a production in the the 4,000 seat Kresge Hall. It is a crazy 36-hour period starting with tech rehearsals on Monday morning, a dress-rehearsal on Monday evening and the actual performance on Tuesday evening. This year I made use of 6 hero cameras, Greg manned the 18-foot jib for the dress performance and Danny handled stage right and I worked stage left for the dress. For the performance I covered the two static camera in the front of the hall, a 7D with a 70-200 locked down and a 400 2.8 with a 1.4 extender on a Mark IV for my tight shots while Greg and Danny wandered. Over the two performances we had almost 400 gigs of footage which then had to be chopped down to the production piece below. There is one continuity issue, see if you can spot it. (Clue: Look for a blue shirt changing from long sleeve to short sleeve in between cuts).

A Collection of Art: Collage 2013 from Tim Broekema on Vimeo.

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